Etowah Chief

The Etowah Chief was commissioned to submit to the Etowah Indian Mounds Georgia State Park in Cartersville, Georgia. My personal research, in addition to the guidance and knowledge of well known scholars and collectors of the Mississippian Native American culture has been invaluable to me in portraying an accurate presentation of the Etowah Chief as possible. Hopefully my art will provide the education of a very important time and place in the history of the Native American Indian.

Artist: Barry Henderson
Title: Etowah Chief
Limited Edition of 9
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 39H x 20W x 17D
Price: Contact Artist

Sandy Springs Panther

The Sandy Springs Panther was commissioned by alumni of the Sandy Springs High School Class of ’64 to represent the school’s mascot. As the City grew the school was eventually replaced with commercial development. This piece will be submitted to the City of Sandy Springs Arts Donation Program for donation consideration to represent the High School’s place in the History of Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

Artist: Barry Henderson, Class of ’64
Title: Sandy Springs Panther Mascot
Medium: Bronze (Photos show clay model to be bronzed)
Dimensions: 9H x 30W x 9D